No Mayo! No Worries! Tailgating Menu Plan

We love outdoor shindigs when the weather is still warm with just a whisper of crisp to it. Buuuuuuttt, there’s just one fly in the apple cider: how to keep food safe.

Ellen: I’ll admit it, I am the food poisoning police. I blame my Microbiology degree and delicate stomach. I cannot stand to serve mayonnaise based foods at a picnic or tailgate, because unless they have been kept at exactly the right temperature, you’re serving your aunt’s famous pasta salad with a side of staph aureus toxins. Why do all of the picnic foods seem to be dripping with mayo?!

Erin: My reason is simpler. I HATE mayonnaise. Picture me gagging. For real.

Ellen: Any reason that takes you to a safer end when it comes to oil and eggs is a good reason, I always say.

Erin: Imma gonna get that embroidered on a dish towel for you. Anyway, we both realized we had no-mayo recipes in our go-to party food arsenals, that when we combined them together, made a pretty great menu plan.

Ellen: Now while these recipes are without eggs, cheese, and mayonnaise, they are not miraculous. You still need to transport the ones that need refrigeration in a cooler and they can only sit out for 2 hours AT THE MOST. If it is hotter than 90 degrees, they can only be out for an hour.

Erin: You’re so sensible.

Ellen: Awwww. Anyway, whether it be a picnic, pool party, or tailgate, these recipes are easy, delicious, . . .

Erin: And MAYO FREE!

No Mayo! No Worries! Taligating Menu Plan -- These recipes are yummy AND easy! -- Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms


 1. Appetizer/Snacks

Old Bay Lemon Pepper Seasoned Pretzels

These pretzels are so easy to make and practically scream football. Why worry about refrigerating dips and spreads when these snacks are so jam-packed with flavor you don’t need them? Warning: you should make a double batch because these tasty creations have a very hard time making it out of the door.

Full Printable Recipe Here

An easy, yummy make and take appetizer! Old Bay Lemon Pepper Seasoned Ptetzels Recipe -- Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms


2. Main Dish

No Mayo Chicken Salad

Don’t get us wrong. We love chili and chicken wings at a tailgate, but this is what we make when there are no outlets for our crockpots. This chicken salad keeps so well because there is NO MAYO, only avocado! With the added crunch of walnuts, apples, and grapes, this recipe feels very appropriate for fall. We often just set out a bowl of this yummy-ness with crackers and rolls, but we have been known to make paninis ahead of time if they don’t have to spend too long in the cooler.

Full Printable Recipe Here

No Mayo Chicken Salad---Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms


3. Side Dishes

I. Cilantro Dijon Mustard Roasted Potato Salad

Potato salad has always seemed like mush to us . . . until this recipe. Here, the potatoes are roasted and the mustard dressing is light. The additions of roasted corn and cilantro bumps this recipe up to total fabulous-ness.

Full Printable Recipe Here

Cilantro Dijon Mustard Roasted Potato Salad Recipe #yummy -- Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms


II. Crispy Colorful Vinaigrette Coleslaw

If you want to be praised to the high heavens, then serve this slaw. We are not kidding. People go nuts for it.  It’s so flavorful without a heavy, fattening dressing. It’s perfect as a side, as well as on a sandwich, but especially by the spoonful.

See Full Printable Recipe Here

Crispy Colorful Vinaigrette Coleslaw Recipe -- Yummy and no mayo! -- Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms


4. Dessert

Super Chocolate Chex Mix

What can we say? This dessert has it all. It’s quick and easy to make and take; it doesn’t require cutting or utensils; and it disappears so quickly you won’t have to worry about packing up leftovers.

Full Printable Recipe Here

Yummy, crunchy, sweet goodness -- Super Chocloate Chex Mix Recipe -- Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms


Do you have any great additions you would make to this menu?


No Worries, No Mayo Taligating Menu Plan -- These recipes are yummy AND easy! -- Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms

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  1. Bodynsoil

    These look like great recipes to share.. I had to laugh at the last image of the super chocolate chex mix.. at first I thought that was a closeup of staph aureus toxins! Of course, I’m not down with marshmellow or corn syrup, I’m sure dark chocolate will do in a pinch.
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