Ellen’s Story

I’m Ellen, a Christian and mother of two girls: Coco(16) and Jellybean(14). As with many blogs, these aren’t their real names, but as consolation for me writing about them, I let them pick their own aliases. Oy. Their ages are in parentheses so you can relate. I am married to Frank and we have 20 years of marriage under our belts (why thank you, yes, we got married when we were 12). He manned up and passed on the alias.

Paid jobs on my resume include marine biology lab assistant, waitress, and doctor (of the M.D. variety, OB/GYN residency); although my days of paid employment are about 13 years behind me. I am addicted to running despite my plantar fasciitis, and I suffer through hot yoga to help my knees even though I HATE sweating like that.  Despite all of these efforts, my BMI is groaning; darn you slowing metabolism and my fondness for baking. I have rendered miracles with duct tape and wire ties. I think in outline form, but I never make “To Do” lists, and yes, this has bitten me on the arse on more than one occasion. I am a hater of air quotes. And while I’m in a confessional mood, I probably use smiley faces too much in my emails and status updates to soften my rapier wit (waiting for that sarcasm font).

I’m not gliding through motherhood with a glass of wine in my hand because, quite frankly, it’s illegal to do that when you taxi your kids around as much as I do; but I have found that laughter truly is the best medicine. And laughter is best when shared with your family and the women of your Sisterhood.

Want to read about my crew a.k.a family?

Check out my cakes, please, it will justify all of the time I’ve spent on them.


personal crop 2













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